Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry


Health and eco-friendly traditional
Establishmentof 300,000 strains-herb base

Microbial Institute for
Fermentation Industry


  • As interest in health and eco-friendly traditional microorganisms isolated from our traditional fermented foods increases, the role of the Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry Foundation is becoming very important.Until now, fermented foods have been recognized as simple processed foods.

    However, recently it has been spotlighted as a new high value-added health food due to its functionality by the microorganisms involved and the well-being consumption trend.At this important time, the Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry was opened in March 2011 as a corporation approved by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

    And, it is trying to serve as a hub base for isolation, identification, and distribution of traditional fermentation microorganisms and to establish diverse bases providing information about industrial strains required by companies.In particular, since occupant institutions and companies (establishing an industry-university collaboration system) such as Korean Federation of Culture Collections,General Nature, BHNBiO Co., Ltd., Daesang Co., Ltd., Agricultural Korea Pickle Co., Ltd., and Agricultural Sunchang Jangryu Co., Ltd. are connected in one space, the Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry has secured the strength of recognizing the difficulties for microorganisms
  • faced by companies and developing new R&D relatively faster than other regions. Thanks to this strength, the Microbial Institute has been selected for various national projects related to native local functional foods, microbial feed, brewed foods, microbial fertilizer, inner beauty products, etc. and conducting researches.

    In addition, the Microbial Institute is performing comprehensive microbiological researches on longevity map of microorganisms in the region, supply of Sanyacho fermented strains and lactobacillus, and fertilizer intervention using livestock sludge.Now, our Microbial Institute will play a leading role as a control tower in securing traditional fermentation microbial resources with international competitiveness.

    And we will make efforts to collect various microorganism-related information possessed by the Microbial Institute and practical information required by companies, and to continuously inform them through the homepage. We ask for your interest and love for traditional fermentation microorganism. Also, if you have good or necessary information on microorganisms, please use the Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry, which is always open.

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