Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry


Current Normal Operations

  • 2021. 05Selected a project to investigate the functionality (safety monitoring) of traditional soybean paste
  • 2020. 12Received awards from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (Institution of merit for the
    development of bio industry)
  • 2020. 06Published the Institute white paper
  • 2019. 10Received awards from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Institution of merit for
    the development of food service industry)
  • 2019. 03Selected a project to establish an effective microorganism bank.
  • 2018. 09Selected an excellent project of the Balanced Development Committee (Korean-type effective
    strains, regional strategic project)
  • 2017. 12Received awards from the Minister of the Interior and Safety (Excellent
    Management Agency of Investment)
  • 2016. 09Received awards as an excellent case of a regional development project.
  • 2016. 07Selected and operated a Korean-type global intestinal health project
  • 2015. 07Selected and operated a Korean-type effective strain project
  • 2015. 05Educational institution specializing in private certificates of traditional soybean paste
    manufacturer(Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)
  • 2015. 03Selected and operated a bio platform project
  • 2014. 04Reorganized as the Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry
  • 2012. 08Jeonbuk National University’s moving-in (scheduled)
  • 2012. 07Korean Federation of Culture Collections’ moving-in
  • 2012. 06Adopted and proceeding a wide-area advanced project
  • 2012. 03Golden tree’s moving-in
  • 2012. 03Korea Pickle (Co., Ltd.)’s moving-in
  • 2012. 03The first Board meeting (approval of contribution accounting, etc.)

2011 Establishment of a corporation

  • 2011. 11Business registration (407-82-08664), Microorganism distribution, Lease, etc.
  • 2011. 10Daesang Central Research Institute, Microorganism management team’s moving-in
  • 2011. 06Announced the articles of foundation
  • 2011. 04Adjunct director of the Center for Fermentation Microorganisms.
  • 2011. 04Established the foundation board.
  • 2011. 04Launched the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's leading cluster project group (Succession to
    RIS project group)
  • 2011. 03Registered the Corporation establishment.
  • 2011. 02Approved as a corporation by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2011. 01Held a foundation conference for Corporation establishment
  • 2011. 01Dispatch service of the Sunchang Jangryu RIS project team

2010 Established the basis for relocation.

  • 2010. 12Ordinance on establishment and operation of Sunchang-gun Fermentation Microorganism
    Management Center
  • 2010. 06Completed center construction
  • 2008. 11Started base construction
  • 2008. 02Decision on the urban management plan, and approval of the second-class district unit plan.
  • 2007. 05Signed a MOU with Korea Food Research Institute, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience &
    Biotechnology,Jeonbuk National University and Korean Federation of Culture Collections
  • 2007. 03Initiated projects (based on the project of mountain foundation construction)

사이트 정보

61-27, Minsongmaeul-ro, Sunchang-eup, Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
TEL:+82-63-650-2031 / FAX:+82-63-653-9593 /mifi1@srcm.kr