Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry


Effective strain
  • Isolation of effective strainsWe isolate strains from various sources for the culturable effective strains.
  • Identification of effective strainsWe check the strain types through biochemical characteristics and gene analysis for the strains that can be isolated and cultured.
  • Evaluation of effective strains (safety, efficacy)
    • - Test for toxin gene, hemolytic activity and platelet aggregation in strains
    • - Tests on the function (decomposition potential, production potential) of effective strains resulting from effective substances (enzymes, etc.) produced by effective strains.
  • Preservation of effective strainsWe treat the selected effective strains and preserve them stably for a long time.
  • Quality control of effective strainsWe test for the selected or preserved strains to check the changes in their characteristics and activity, and manage them.
  • Culture of effective strainsWe culture the culturable effective strains in the form of petri dishes, liquid culture and solid culture.
  • Distribution of effective strainsIn the case of effective strains in stock, we manufacture the requested strains in the form of petri dishes, liquid culture and solid culture, and distribute them according to a certain contract.
  • Trust management of effective strainsWhen an individual or company wants to keep the selected effective strains stable for a long time, we will provide trust management as requested.

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