Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry

Strain Selection Evaluation

Strain Selection
Set evaluation items and criteria for each
type of microorganism and make a database(DB) with them.
  • Example 1) BacillusBC toxin production, enzyme activity, glutamate production potential, BA production and decomposition, r-PGA production potential, cheonggukjang demonstration, antibacterial activity, B-glucosidase production potential, acid resistance, bile resistance, phytohormone production potential, vitamine K production potential, glutamine production potential, Bacteriocin production potential
  • Example 2) LactobacillusAntibacterial activity, enzyme activity, B-glucosidase activity, lactic acid production potential, acid resistance, bile resistance, intestinal adhesion potential, antioxidant activity, antidiabetic activity, BA production and decomposition potential, etc.
  • Example 3) MoldEnzyme activity, mycotoxin, BA production and decomposition potential, flavor, antibiotic production, antidiabetic activity, antihyperlipidemic activity, antithrombotic activity, etc.
  • Example 4) YeastAlcohol production potential, alcohol resistance, sugar resistance, sulfurous acid resistance, toxins, flavor library, B-glucosidase activity, carbon dioxide production potential, etc.
  • Example 5) AcetobacterAcetic acid production potential, pathogenicity, alcohol resistance, sulfurous acid resistance, antioxidant, antidiabetic activity, etc.

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