Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry

Strain Preservation Quality Control

Preservation of strain registration
  • Registration category
    • - All bacteria except for human and animal pathogens belonging to the
      European hazard rating 3 and 4 groups
    • - All yeasts and molds, regardless of hazard rating
  • Characteristics of registered microorganisms
    • - Microorganisms that are different from MIFI-holding strains
    • - Academically important microorganisms such as standard strains
      and reference strains
    • - Microorganisms with fermentation ability
    • - Economically important microorganisms due to material
      production, etc.
    • - Microorganisms that are important to R&D of the Microbial
      Institute for Fermentation Industry
  • Basic conditions of registered microorganisms
    • - Microorganisms with adequate information
    • - Pure strains or microorganisms which have been identified
    • - Microorganisms that can be cultured in artificial media
    • - Microorganisms that can be preserved by lyophilization or
      cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen without significant changes in characteristics.
Strain preservation management
Microorganism preservation technique
  • Lyophilization

  • Freezer preservation

  • Liquid nitrogen preservation
    (straw preservation)

  • Mineral oil preservation

Application of preservation method for each microorganism
  • Bacteria, Spore-forming mold

    • - Drying (lyophilization, liquid drying)
    • - Freezing (liquid nitrogen preservation, low-temperature freezer preservation)
  • Spore-non-forming mold

    • - Active state preservation (sharing preservation, water preservation)
    • - Freezing (liquid nitrogen preservation, low-temperature freezer preservation)
The registered microorganisms are preserved in two or more ways.At least one of the methods is a liquid nitrogen preservation or lyophilization with little genetic variation.

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